Tips and tricks to improve the use of WhatsApp App

The first thing to understand is that WhatsApp is a system of free and instant messaging as it develops through Internet . The point is that this connection can be through a data rate contracted with a company, usually flat rates ; or a wireless WiFi .

In either case, the messages do not provide an additional expense . However, one must know the coverage offered by the company in data rates, especially if you are going to travel abroad because, when zoning is possible that messages are charged as data downloaded off the bill or roaming . The simplest solution is to disable the data packets or 3G connection terminal , can use the network access without fear that costs are added.


Another key point of WhatsApp is the need to record the user’s phone number . For those who distrust, I must say that this is a very simple system to direct messages to the correct user . Thus, the service offered is similar to the old SMS messages , which makes its handling easier for less accustomed to new technology users . Anyway, there is an official website where all the specified terms of privacy of WhatsApp , although it is in English . It explains that WhatsAppregistra a lot of user data , although it is stated that any will ever be sold .

Related to this, one can raise the question: what to do when a user changes the number ? In this case, WhatsApp advised to make two simple steps. The first is to update the status of the account with the new phone number. Then, you have to uninstall the application and reinstall it after recording the new number . By doing this the server should recognize the change of user numbers and keep your data .

Although this application contains several options customizable , it is still not possible to insert images in the profiles of contacts. But this does not mean they can not have a photograph . WhatsApp collects all the information stored in the phonebook contacts terminal . If in this we have photographs of contacts automatically displayed in the talks . Terminal users BlackBerry also have an added plus, is that to select a contact in a group conversation and press the C key , changes the color of the box in which messages are displayed that person.


Another controversial matter of this application is the double check , or double confirmation . These are the two ticks or green Vs shown when sending a message. It’s a common misconception that ensures double confirmation reading the message sent. In WhatsApp , when it successfully sends a message appears the first tick , this means that the message has reached the server . For its part, the second tick confirms the arrival of the message from the server to the receiver terminal , but not necessarily mean that it has opened and read that message . One issue that can bring more of a headache.

Finally, we must discuss, for users of WhatsApp devices Android , you can find certain incompatibilities with task management applications such as Advanced Task Killer. They eliminate processes or the operation of some applications to save Internet data and battery . However, they can delay the arrival of WhatsApp messages . So it is recommended to exclude the courier of the management application, or directly remove the latter.