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Cut the bottom of your bait if you’re fishing with shad. The lack of a tail keeps the shad from twirling and tangling up your line as it sinks to the bottom. To sweeten the deal, the scent of the severed tail is particularly appealing to fish. To fish means to enjoy a hobby reliant on patience and time outdoors. You won’t catch all the fish that take your bait, however, when you bring in a fish dinner, it is worth the time spent. Consider the hints from this article to become a better fisherman.

An important part of fishing is the proper maintenance of your line. While you are fishing, frequently inspect your line for nicks and abrasions. This can be accomplished by putting your fingers over the line, and then draw it in through your fingertips. If you feel rough places, change out your line for a new one before you continue fishing. If you are losing a lot of fish off your favorite lure, then it might be time to check your hooks. It is common for fishermen to forget that older hooks may have become dull or twisted, making catches much harder to achieve. To make sure your lures set cleanly and quickly, switch out or sharpen your hooks.

Grubs make a very good bait for bass fishing. The small grub baits can help catch very big fish as well. Many fishermen use them to catch smallmouth bass, and they also make great bait for largemouth bass. They are perfect for fishing highland reservoirs that do not have a large amount of coverage.

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