Best tips before you go shopping online

A few weeks ago I was talking with my cousin who has never ordered anything over the Internet. I also found that a number of people around me do not know to shop on Amazon, are still wary of the Internet and online payment, or prefer to see things directly in stores. Except that these arguments were valid 6 years ago, today it is unthinkable not to enjoy all the benefits of shopping on the Internet, starting with saving money!

I only need to buy 10% of my wardrobe in physical stores, especially the shoes actually, and recently I do my online shopping, I buy my online scissors, my pillows, … well I’m getting no a lot of experience in the art of online shopping.

Here are my tips and tricks for the best buy on the Internet enjoying the maximum benefits:

1. Focus on e-shops that offer delivery and free returns

If I buy a lot on Amazon not only because I love this brand, but because they deliver fast and free you, leave you within 28 days to return your items for free and reimburse you within 14 days maximum. I never had a single problem with 40 orders, but one time he was missing an article in my package, they did refund without even trying to discuss.

online shopping

What repels most about shopping online is the inability to try, to know that everything can return without complications can pass the course. Sometimes I order a dozen pieces I want to try and do to keep that!

Bonus: deliveries are made by UPS, so NEVER delivery problem. Conversely, on shopclues even though I love , I avoid to order on their site because I had a concern from the first order

2. Always perform a Google search, especially if you are looking for a specific product

I do not know if you’ve ever tried to find a room at the best prices in physical stores: sometimes sell some products at high prices, you can lose days to shop around here and there. With Google I would say that I could save hundreds of euros.

This advice is especially true for major brands and especially the sneakers whose prices vary considerably from one shop to another. In my last look I had found such a Levi’s jacket at great prices.

3. Use cashback services

I use Recreation and Privileges for restaurant bookings, train and plane tickets in certain companies. Each expense if I go through it, the service gives me 20% cashback if I pay Rs 100 to the restaurant, I just send them by email a picture of the ticket and I get a check of Rs 20 ! This service costs me Rs 12 per month, but between the restaurant and the train I always returned well within my expense.

I also knew paytm but the commissions are lower, so I never bothered to register until speaks on his blog. Now I have no reason to buy elsewhere than online: just install a small extension in your browser, and you get a cash back on almost all e-commerce sites… there is really almost everything (they have 1600 partners). Between all my expenses online I get a little significant prize pool while the service is completely free.

I therefore strongly advise you to sign up, and do not hesitate to become my godson by following this link or by entering my email address ( I will receive Rs 100 if you sign up and you will also benefit from Rs 100 directly to your account.

4. Have good sense, without turning paranoid

Online shopping can provide many benefits but it is not the land of Care Bears, however. There will always be assholes catcher (first time in my life that I use this word), so make sure you are dealing with a secure and reliable site

Safe: When you click “pay” at the end of your shopping, just make sure the site URL begins with “https” and a small closed padlock.
Reliability: a site may well offer a secure payment without reliable due to delivery problems, product ever received, SAV unreachable, etc. If the site is not known and you have a doubt, Google remains your best friend, just type “notice” with the name of the shop to find out.

5. Look at the reviews from existing customers when possible

When I buy a beauty product, a high-tech product or even pillows (recently ^^), I always look at the customer reviews. Buy on Amazon particular lot, especially since I subscribed to the “Premium Delivery” which allows me to receive my order in less than 24 hours. Just type what you want, and you will come across a multitude of products rated and commented.

BONUS: In 80% of cases, things are cheaper than in the store and in other e-shops, eg for brand batteries no picture. And speaking of photography, the Fujifilm Instax Mini film for cost a 50% cheaper than anywhere else!

Feel free to take the test directly:

Otherwise I prefer Amazon that in addition to displaying and deliver opinions for free, offers the best service in terms of Internet appliances. As for cosmetics, I buy anything without going through the site Beauty-test whose opinions are numerous and representative. Then I am going in-store or wholesale pharmacy where products are cheaper than on the official sites

6. Try and look physical store before buying online

In the case of sites and free returns, who cares (if you have a minimum amount of money in his bank account to ensure turnover payment / reimbursement without being exposed) but when the return is not so easy buy without seeing and touching a product can be disturbing. But like the majority of French addicted to online shopping, nothing prevents you to go see / try the product that you like and then pay it cheaper on the Internet :) I’m doing this for some time: I happen to try the clothing store and if they fit me I buy them online to benefit from my cashback!